Thursday, March 27, 2008

SVA Talk

SooJin Buzelli invited Wesley Allsbrook and I to speak to her SVA class. SooJin is one of the most respected and illustration-friendly art directors around. It was gratifying to hear our opinions overlap quite a bit. Wesley had great insight on being an illustrator just emerging into the field. She also brought a portfolio full of original drawings for everyone to pass and and see. So much work is finished digitally nowadays, it was a pleasure to see the foundation drawings in the flesh.

Earlier interview with Wesley here.


Ken McConnell said...

What does SVA stand for?

Unknown said...

That is way cool of you to be that accessible to those looking to get in the field and give the time to offer some insight into what they might expect. I guess it is also like having a farm team in baseball, you got the minor leagues to choose from......:)

SVA.....School of Visual Arts?????


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