Thursday, March 13, 2008 More on What We are About + Royo and Foster Wallpapers

Firstly, for an impassioned and eloquent description of what we think Tor.Com will evolve into, and to to sign up as a beta tester, see Patrick Nielsen Hayden's post on Making Light and the 200+ comments that follow. (Houston, we have buzz.)

This week's visual delight.... Wallpapers:

Luis Royo, from The Fantastic Art of Luis Royo.

Jon Foster, from Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster.

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Ruth said...

Hi, a friend directed me here.

I see that Patrick mentioned 'light-weight social networking'. Leighweight like Facebook or lightweight like LiveJournal? You maght possibly have noticed that the rumblings of discontent from the LJ-based fen are growing ever louder. If there were a clear alternative which included most of the featureset that fandom has come to rely on, then I think that the exodus from LJ could happen without splitting up the communities. I know some people are casting beady eyes at Tor's new project. The aggregate feed of the friends list would be the biggest, plus threaded comments, tagging...

Mind you, 'hosting the exiles of LJ' might be on Tor's to-be-avoided list. :) Nevertheless, can I put in a plea for threaded comments, no matter what the form of Tor's project? I like Making Light and blogspots like this one, but, ow, following a conversation!!