Thursday, May 29, 2008

Io9 Party

Thanks to Charlie and Annalee for hosting last night's Io9 meet-up. I got to meet some cool people, including a couple of my Macmillan brethren from Scientific American (and learn more about crayfish than I needed to know) and only once did I need to cover my ears and run away from a Battlestar spoiling conversation. Good times.


ces said...

Poor Irene!

I suppose, having lived in PortlandOR, I should love crayfish. But I don't. I hate them.

Tracy said...

I love those little mud bugs!

Did you happen to catch A & E's remake of the Andromeda Strain? If not......don't bother it really bit.


ces said...

No, I didn't catch the remake - course, I didn't see the original either.

Irene Gallo said...

I didn't catch it either...but there was some talk at the party that it wasn't worth much.

Anonymous said...

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