Thursday, May 01, 2008

James Jean on Sidebar

The good folks at Sidebar have posted an interview with James Jean. I only just started listening, but based on their interview with Jon Foster a while back, I'm sure it'll be a great hour.

(Oh, just in the intro: A NYC gallery show and "art of Fables covers" art book due in 2009!)

They say that an interview with Jason Manely, founder of Massive Black and is coming soon.

(A little more into the interview now and it is really cool.)


mordicai said...

I have a crazy, crazy thing for Cassandra Cain, & it might be his fault.

Eric Orchard said...

Thanks fir posting this! i love James Jean and can't find any interviews with him.

Tony Shasteen said...

The Sidebar guys have some great interviews. They even got Drew Struzan! Check out the previous podcasts if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

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