Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mary Rickert and I at the Sugar Loaf Cafe

(Lou Anders will hate me for this one.)

I know many people in publishing love to fetishize books. While I love books carefully put together and all the details thought through, once I'm reading a book I want to live with it, hard -- dog-eared, dog chewed, fallen asleep and drooled on, spilt tea. Whatever I'm going through, my books are going through. So, when I was heading out the Sugar Loaf Cafe on my bicycle and limited pocket space, I tore out the Mary Rickert story from Fantasy and Science Fiction. But it was torn with love.

(I should note: Gordon and John cleverly scheduled the Rickert story for the one month my subscription ran out -- thus, guaranteeing that I will not let my subscription lapse again.)


Anonymous said...

Irene, you left the story behind. I read it and now I want to subscribe as well. Amazing stuff- the mood, the depth of character in such a short piece. I'll pass it on.

theatremom said...

sorry, anonymouse equals me

Anonymous said...

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