Sunday, September 14, 2008

Politics 08

Last night was the opening for the Society of Illustrators' Politics 08 exhibit. It's always tough to see a show during the opening but even through the hubbub of the party this is clearly a knock-out exhibit. It's curated by Edel Rodriguez, former art director for Time Magazine. Being in the middle of this terrifying election and in an era where editorial illustrators are often forced to soften their statements, it was wonderful to see many well crafted and strong opinions. I'll looking forward to a second look.

The party itself was a blast. September starts off the Society's new season, after refurbishing the galleries. They look stunning. The place was jammed packed. I had a great time talking with Chris and SooJin Buzelli, Eric Braddock, Peter de Seve, Scott Brundage, Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon.

PHOTOS: People in the gallery. Edel Rodriguez and other artists addressing the crowd. John Kascht and Phillip Burke. Barry Blitt's infamous New Yorker cover.


Tracy said...

Scott Brundage..........any relation to the late Margaret Brundage? Weird Tales illustrator.


Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Nice stuff. ANd all the more relevant these days. Nice to see Sarah Palin in the NYer cover portrayed for what she is:nuts.

Always enjoy political cartoons and drawings, we seem to have alot less of them in the mainstream these days. Ah, that's right...artists are the "culturally elite".

Good coverage on this Irene! Thanks!

Lana Gramlich said...

Speaking of artistic societies, have you ever heard of the "Society for Art of Imagination?" If so, do you have any opinion about them?

Eric Braddock said...

Friday night was a blast, it was such an incredible show. I'm glad I got a chance to finally talk with you for a bit, you and Pablo were great company, hope to see you again soon! Glad to hear your day of the Charleston went well, despite the 2nd croquet match.. haha, there's always next time.

Michael Kline said...

Hey Irene, thanks for the coverage. I don't always have the chance to attend things of this ilk, so it's nice to see a few shots. I'll check back in occasionally.