Monday, March 17, 2008

Stephan Martiniere's Four Seasons

Stephan just emailed me "Spring", which ends the four seasonal books of Daniel Abraham's The Long Price Quartet.

I've often wished I could walk into a gallery displaying the series (once completed) projected floor-to-ceiling on each wall -- a giant cube of Martiniere seasonal goodliness.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. I am, of course, ungodly pleased. That last one's lovely.


Anonymous said...

WOW !!! UnBelieve It

Carl V. Anderson said...

Martiniere is a favorite and it is easy to see why. He is incredible! I love your idea of walking into a room seeing wall-to-wall Martiniere goodness! Can you make that happen? :)

ces said...

It's a little dark, but then spring comes after winter, so maybe it's supposed to be dark.

They're all wonderful - I can't choose a favourite.

ces said...

I forgot the leaves!

The falling leaves are so lovely and delicate, and along with the banners they add some warmth to the scene.

Martiniere put falling leaves in Uru's Kadish, and they are lovely and delicate there also.

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