Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thank You!

Bought from my Amazon Associates money. Just the thing for sequestering oneself indoors all weekend in an attempt to finally banish a week-long cold.

Thank you to everyone out there reading (there are far, far, more of you than I ever would have thought when I started this thing) and Thank You to those that have bought a few books. I don't know who you are but I know what you are buying.

I've made $62.00 since November. Okay, so it's not the best retirement plan but, it's still fun to see what people are are interested in.

The big seller? Jon Foster's Revolution. Three whole copies!

Whoever is buying pricey software:
Extra thanks.

Most unusual item:
Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery System (Send us a batch.)

Book I was most surprised, but tickled, to see on the list:
nEuROTIC by John Cuneo.

Just to prove that I'm not in it for the money: I believe I accidentally threw out my first Amazon gift certificate thinking it was spam. Man, I suck at finances.


Pablo Defendini said...

Ah, just in time to catch up before the new season starts. Enjoy.

Since Skiffy is posting the first episode of BSG Season 4 online a full nine hours before it airs, a few of us at the office were considering commandeering a conference room and setting up a projector that Friday, for what would be Tor's first Frak party.

You know, for *ahem* research. Yeah, that's it. . . .

ces said...

Is this the same cold you took with you to Seattle's Revelations?

I hate colds. worse even is the 2-month cough that follows.

Let's see - rum, hot water, lemon juice, honey, and I forget what else - all mixed together. Bye-bye cold!

Anonymous said...

Cool; glad you were able to get something from the Amazon associates thingie. I'm rushing to watch season 3 myself.

Totally off the subject, is that one of the Massive Black shirts?

Irene Gallo said...

Pablo: Noooesss! Just when I thought I could walk down the hall without sticking my fingers in my ear and singing "lalalalal", here's a new season out! Thanks for the heads up, but I love getting int marathon viewings of the whole season all at once.

Ces - I does seem to be the same illness that got me in January. I;ll be very happy to never see it again.

pantagruel: Good eye. That is my massive

ces said...

I feel for you! A couple of years ago I didn't get my annual flu shot in October/November and I was sick for 6 months with respiratory stuff beginning in December. And I do mean SICK! I had so many meds and different inhalers I lost track! And all you can do is treat the symnptoms/side effects - you can'ty treat a "cold" because it's composed of several things - like jellyfish.

I got my flu shot this year, and I haven't been to my doctor since I got it!