Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Justin Gerard's MicroVisions

It looks like this is Justin's MicroVisions contribution. I only question it because the nut did four of them! And he's taking votes on which to submit.


Frame Theory said...

I went with No. 1. It's more interesting to me.

colin said...

I hate to use a four-letter word, but that is really really nice!

(They're all good, but it would be this one for me... Or No. 1... No, wait, No. 3 is pretty... Argh!)

ces said...

#4 - but #1 is a very very close second!

Anonymous said...

Glad you chose this one. I love the paint application and the texture of this piece.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Justin's work so much! The one you featured is really beautiful.

Irene Gallo said...

he just sent it to me....I'm going to cry when it goes away. It's so beautiful in the flesh.

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