Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alex Kanevsky

I snuck out at lunch time to see the Alex Kanevsky exhibit in Chelsea. This guy is an amazing painter. Many of the pieces are painted on mylar. The paint skims the surfaces giving everything an ethereal, impermanent quality – almost like a reflection of an image rather than the image itself.

Alex Kanevsky

May 3 – June 4

J. Cacciola Gallery

531 West 25th Street, NY NY

Along with lots of wonderful paintings, his website features step-by-step progressions of two paintings. Well worth spending some time digging around.


Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Wonderful stuff! Wow! Thanks for posting this. So many great styles of work...

Anthony Morrow said...

thanks for all the great posts. alex is an old classmate and a great talent. there is another artist who is still educating himself at PAFA and you should google. He is a friend of Alex's and similar in aesthetics but a great painter in his own right. Check out Martin Compos. When I can I will email him for images and send them your way.
I know he is showing in Evearts Gallery in Haddonfield New Jersey in a few weeks. Along with Alex's studio mate.
anthony morrow

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