Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wheel of Time Calendar Competition

Robert Jordan and Tor are running a charity Wheel of Time art competition. Artists are invited to create a painting or drawing based on anything from his popular Wheel of Time series. (The Dragonmount website link kindly lists ideas for those not as steeped in the Wheel of Time universe as others are.) Twelve winners will be chosen by Jordan and be included in a 2009 calendar that Tor will publish. All proceeds will go to benefit Amyloidosis Research at the Mayo Clinic.

Deadline: August 15

Images must be 12 x 12, 300 dpi.
All media and styles are welcome.
All work must be submitted via this website.

Make the judging difficult! Enter early and enter often.


Anonymous said...

I didn't liked it. Even I hated it. But thanks anyway for info.

If I want to help for Amyloidosis I pay it from my bank account, not from aspiring artist's labor.

Sorry for incontinency. But I will stop now.

tapsi said...

i thought it was a great idea when i first read it at dragonmount i am glad that the publishing house supported it as well :) i hope the submissions will be as good as the cause they serve!

Irene Gallo said...

Thanks, Tapsi.

No problem, Uri. I do know that there is a fine line between asking artists to help out for a good cause and exploiting younger artists’ desire for exposure. I think this falls safely on the good side of that line but not everyone has to agree.

Anonymous said...

You are right at the most that lines.
And I am right too at the most of places with borders. :)

But first of all you're the most right than me. Because you're much closer that matter than me.

Able to see both side of that line is sometimes fascinating like watching stars..

We may think about ART LINEs:

Line 1
Cause we're selling it and producing like customer's orders. So this may not art of me. It looks like commerce product in some cases.
Sometimes we're writing merciful lyrics for the ruthless king.

Line 1 a: Because we need money
Line 1 b: Because we need attention of promoting
Line 1 c: Because we want help charity if so we need to believe King.

My idea everybody focused on Line 1 and Line 2. Just the King taking care of the charity.

I focused on Line 1. Because If I get money I can help charity on my pocket as King of his own kingdom.

I think new artists will be focused on promotion to build their kingdom at the future.

And the King believes he wants charity on his kingdom. And I really appreciated.

Actually sickness is the problem for everyone not just for him. My dad will be die in a 3 or 4 months from cancer. And I spent really thousands dollars charity this year for cancer.
And if I have a time surely I can spent my time and my best effort with submissions for Amyloidosis or for anything else too.

I'm full time worker and my salary is enough for me; but also working as a freelancer I decided to spent my all freelance effort to cancer research this year. Or just for 3 or 4 months more...
If others wants to do that I promise I will not put any official rules.

I just want to see that calendar, and I just want to see winner artist's name bigger and good promoted... And I just wanted to see handwrite letter from King for EVERY submitters to submitted this the cause they serve. This makes me really happy at the time.

If I am wrong please let us climb the mountain together.

Johan Vermij said...

The Wheel of Time fans in Second Life have picked up the competition too and are planning to make a virtual entry for the Competition.

More info

Anonymous said...

If I have a chance to turn 16 I am going to be decide a doctor or surgeon. Not artist!

Anonymous said...

I think we all entered knowing full well, and like the idea of the proceeds going to Mayo. Or else we wouldn't have, right? *lol*

Many were upset that outside the USA, people couldn't compete. I think that was very sad. But according to their lawyers, it was some legal mumbo jumbo. Imagine the art that could have made it.

Anyway, I am glad to say I was one of the Winners along with 3 of my friends, from

Anonymous said...

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