Thursday, May 31, 2007

BEA Bound

Me to Adam Rex: "Today at lunch I slipped on a banana peal. Swear to god."
Adam Rex to me:
"What a coincidence. I took a pie in the face yesterday. Fortunately
that guy with the seltzer happened by."

(Except in my case, it really did happen, I really did slip on a banana peal. Had I my camera with me, you'd all be looking at one brown and squishied up piece of banana road kill.)

But the point is....T
his weekend is Book Expo America. and I am very much looking forward to saying "hi" to Adam and seeing him tout his first novel, The True Meaning of Smekday.

BEA is fun for me. For some reason Tor gives me a ticket and yet I have no official dealings while I am there. So, I get to run around, hang out with people, and look at lots of cool books.

Besides Adam, other BEA events I’m looking forward to:

  • Going out to dinner with Arnie Fenner, co-creator and editor of Spectrum
  • Catching up with awesome designer Howard Grossman of 12E Design.
  • Listening to Brian Slattery, author of my favorite Tor book, Spaceman Blues, speak on the “NYC Visions: Fresh Authors and Portrayals.” panel. (Unfortunately it overlaps with a bunch of our editors speaking on the “Changing Face of SF” panel. I may have to bring my running shoes.)
  • Visiting Lou Anders of Pyr.
  • Checking out the Mark Murphy Design booth. (I hear they have some new Jeff Soto stuff coming out this summer.)
And the rest will be just looking at what's new.


Carl V. Anderson said...

This post is a cornucopia of people I admire! Hope you have a wonderful time.

Regarding the new Adam Rex, who does great work by the way, book, Amazon shows it as being released in October. Do you know if this is the actual release time or is it coming sooner?

Honestly, I've never met or heard anyone tell a story about slipping on a banana peal. Congrats on bringing back classic slapstick to the daily comedy of life!

Irene Gallo said...

I've heard September, I’m afraid. Publishing schedules are such that we are basically working on books a year before they hit the stores. And, publishers use BEA to push some of there more promising titles so Hyperion may have had Adam working on it even earlier. I've seen small bits of Smekday but I'm dying to read the whole thing.

Tracy Flynn Art said...

Hey Irene,

Sounds like a great time is gonna be had!!!!! Say hey to Arnie for me, and buy him a beer for me.....I'll getchya back next time your in Indy!:)


Rachael Ferber said...

terrible man lizard, lol. Also, peal = sound, peel = fruit protector.

Adam Rex said...

Amazon is wrong. Amazon is almost always wrong about something. I've been assured that September is still correct.
Thanks Carl V., Rachael, and of course Irene!

Irene Gallo said...

Hey Adam - sorry I missed you at BEA. Like a duffus I thought you were in on Saturday not Friday. See you soon, I hope. Greg and I were thinking of running down to the Brandywine this summer and trying to convince all you Philly folk to stop in.

Adam Rex said...

Yes! I am all over that.

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