Sunday, May 06, 2007

We Love Octopi!

In honor of the loads-of-fun octopus pulp page (discovered, as many good things are, via SF Signal) I'll show off Tor's bit to advance the cause of cephalopods on book covers. Here is the cover to Rudy Rucker's latest, Postsingular, due out in October.


Carl V. Anderson said...

What a fun page, and a fun cover.

The link to the Postsigular page doesn't seem to be working, btw.

Anonymous said...

I really liked from that link. Talking about Francesca's vintage pulp covers... I didn't liked all of them but all of them organic... :)
I saw there some Frazetta's Eerie covers, Rowena Morril's Weird Tales covers... They were (Frank and Rowena) amazing... And they are still amazing. They were "Natural Genius Ingenuous Intelligence"...

But this is "Artificial Intelligence" 3D and photoshop...

Carl, I think correct link to postsingular page should be:

Anonymous said...

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