Monday, May 14, 2007

Facelifts vol.4

Our latest repacking of an older book. (Although this is its first life as a Tor book.) This Harry Harrison book inspired the movie "Soylent Green." Unlike the movie, the book is more concerned with population problems than with cannibalism. These were designed by Jamie Stafford-Hill. We are going with the Manhattan version, but I really wish we could print two or three of these.


Anonymous said...

Manhattan version is absolutely right choice! Hands version is looks like little bit like a communist worker groups. I don't know why? Am I some psychological problems? No! I don't think so. Maybe colors maybe crowded or anythink else... If you put colors second one looks like music concert.

Hands are usually symbol for political signs. Or if you're hungry you can expect food from donations so you can raise your hands up to incoming truck or up to God. If you need home or space you never use hands... You have to use your minds instead of hands...

But Manhattan version is really looks good and very strong imagine to think about space and to show image to our eyes. Perfect...

Even I wanted to look that design and think about spaces. I really loved that...

Tracy Flynn Art said...

I loved the book and enjoye3d the movie Soylent Green (my screen saver says (Soylent Green is people) as well.........I think that was Edward G Robinsons last movie too........Great to see it being reprinted.

Any chance of seeing a reprint of Nancy, Freedmans Joshua Son of None.??

Anonymous said...

I found a way to easily watch this movie. I have a subscription for netflix. And I don't need to order it. "Soylent Green" is able to watch it online at netflix. And I have 15 hours free; probably like others. So I found a way to fill up that 15 hours. :)

I know this is different book than movie. Just inspired. But I just want to share this possibility with others.

Here is the synopsis of that old movie (1973):
"The year is 2022, and New York City is on the verge of complete disaster. Forty million people are crammed into this heavily polluted city, living only on Soylent Green, a soybean-lentil concoction that serves as the single source of food for everyone. Charlton Heston plays Thorn, a police detective trying to keep the peace and investigating the death of the director of Soylent Green's manufacturer."

Best wishes to everyone... :)

Anonymous said...




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