Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Donato Giancola used the completion of his “Agincourt” painting to host a great party over the weekend. The painting started off two years ago as the cover for Tor’s Crippled Angel. Right away, Donato wanted to create a larger work for himself and so he painted the right hand side for us and kept the other half unfinished -- waiting for some free time. Eventually a collector contacted Donato and the piece became a triptych.

The party was a who’s who of illustrators from the tri-state area. I had a great time talking and eating way too much food -- and I learned that the correct pronunciation of Gouda is “houda” so now I can be a real cheese snob. I was excited to see that Donato had the cover painting for The Golden Rose, sequel to The Serpent and the Rose, up on his easel...and looking great! And, for which he kept dead fish under hot lights in order to study the color and gills for the mermen.


Tracy Flynn Art said...

That is great news about finishing that MASSIVE painting! I have been watching and waiting to see the whole thing! Now I can't wait to see the mermen painting finished!

What is the correct pronunciation of velveeta? :)


Travis Louie said...

I missed this, I got the invite kind of late, . . .wish i could have seen it. perhaps I'll call Donato and invite myself over.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about half of that painting everytime. So I have just learned the real story. Really interesting. Thanks.

I will wait to see the golden rose painting at some place. It looks great by now.

You know often what I am doing? I am buying books just for their covers if I like them. Than throw out all interior text and I keep just jackets... I have a huge (thousands) collection like that.

So, when I visit to tor web site I would prefer to see cover artist's name there also. I am right, cause a customer... :)

Thanks Irene Gallo, I really liked this pARTy...

best of best wishes...

Irene Gallo said...

Tracey, It IS massive – 14 feet long! I can’t imagine the room that it would fit in. I wonder if Donato will get a picture of the painting framed and in place. It would be interesting to see.

Hey Travis, That’s a shame, it would have been nice to meet you. I heard great things about the Amazing Visions show. Congrats!

Uri, I know many book-people that HATE it when I say it but, I have no problems ripping the covers off either because I hate the book and love the cover or vice versa. I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape about it – books are meant to be enjoyed however you can enjoy them.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Oh, the sacrilege!!! ;)

He is simply amazing, isn't he? I love the picture on the easel, it is stunning. Its probably a good thing I don't get the chance to see stuff like this in person, I'd probably be in a perpetual swooning state!

leonardoborazio said...

Hello Irene!
I'm Leonardo (Italy). I usully follow your blog in silence... cool.
I'd really like to be in New york and take part to all events you describe!!
Ehm, what is the donato's painting in progress we see? a new cover?

Justin Gerard said...

Wow this looks like it is going to be a killer piece! Especially after seeing how Donato handled that "Eric Bright-Eyes" tryptich piece.
I was wondering if you know if he is planning to do any demonstrations in the future. (it is to my everlasting regret that I missed the event up in NY last fall where he and Lockwood did that demonstration together)
-And wonderful blog by the way! You always have such interesting and informative posts!

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