Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cathie Bleck

I was at Cathie Bleck's opening last Thursday. She's a fantastic illustrator that is turning toward more un-commissioned work lately -- very beautiful and sensual large scale scratchboard pieces. She mainly uses animal and plant forms and has created a very personalized mythology from it. Everything is swirling and intertwined and somehow becomes simultaneously chaotic and calm. Seeing the originals is a treat. Since the image is scraped out of the surface, and sometimes painted back on top, they take on a sculptural quality that just can't be fully appreciated in reproduction.

Cathie Bleck
"Elemental Stories"
April 25 – June 6
1133 Avenue of the Americas
(43rd and 44th street)

She also has an art book out, Open Spaces which is well worth picking up – a nice simple design that lets the work speak for itself. It also shows lots of sketches, something I always enjoy seeing.


Anonymous said...

That show was incredible. I love how her lines undulate and twist, constantly keeping the eye moving. It was great to see so many originals. I saw you there, and didn't get a chance to say hi, so now here's a hi that also takes me out of the realm of Creepy Blog Lurker. :)

Also, Vincent just gave us word that you'll be on the panel for the portfolio review, and the FIT crowd is pumped!

Irene Gallo said...

Hi Bri - I saw you walk in but then lost you before I could say hi. Yeah, I'll be seeing you guys at FIT. Should be fun!

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