Monday, May 28, 2007

One of my bestest friends, Jonathan Schmidt, is in town for the week. Yay! He was Tor's young adult editor for a number of years and started our Starscape line. Spending a long night catching up reminded me of just how much fun it was to work together and launch Starscape. We had a year's worth of titles picked out ahead of time and no one really looking over our shoulders. It was a new market to me, I had a blast exploring different artists and a broader range of styles than we often get away with in the adult market. I also remember being surprised to realize that most of the books were shelved in the YA fiction section, not necessarily SF/F sections - which seemed to be reserved for series. So, perhaps a more fluid sense of what is or isn't an acceptable package for the genre shouldn't be surprising.

Cover art by Red Nose Studio.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Love Red Nose Studio, and I love the Starscape line. I picked up some great books from that line thanks to artwork being featured in Spectrum. Hope you have a lovely visit.

Anonymous said...

Wow!So you had a nice time meeting your best friend.It feels great when such creative people are around.Have a nice week ahead!

Anonymous said...

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