Friday, January 23, 2009

New Coraline Tralier

So much Coraline marketing out there...Normally it would worry me (what are they trying to make up for?) but its all been so creative and well crafted. Still, this is closest anything has felt to the book. Can't wait.


Eric Braddock said...

Looks pretty awesome, I must say. I love when films have eerie kinds of moods about them, this one definitely has that. Though I am very skeptical about movies these days, I'm still optimistic..

mordicai said...

I found it interesting that Mister Gaiman said this was the first trailer he's "really liked." Interesting.

Recently I enjoyed his video for Coraline about buttons...

Fred said...

Gaiman also explains why all the marketing:

"It's a film without a big name star, handmade in Portland by a first time studio: it's not a film that the world is holding its breath for -- mostly, the world doesn't really even know it exists. The filmmakers have one crack at getting people in to see it on its first week of release, and only one, because, while it will undoubtedly go on to live forever on DVD format (and whatever comes after that), possibly even go on to Nightmare Before Christmas-like longevity, the perception of whether it was a success or a failure is mostly all about how it does when it goes out there on Feb 6th."

Irene Gallo said...

I just saw the Gaiman button video now. Pretty cool.

I've really enjoyed all the little behind the scene trailers that I've seen, but I haven't seen many of them....I;m hoping/assuming they will all be collected on the DVD.

And I should have used this post to remind everyone that what most people think is their favorite Tim Burton movie is _really_ and Henry Selick film. ;-)

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