Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ComicCon Demos

Quick write-ups over on Tor.com:

Jon Foster

Greg Manchess

Rick Berry

Stephan Martiniere


ces said...

I read each one as it showed up! I even commented.

The big question is - did you film them? And did Martiniere end up with Greg's painting? I think YOU should have gotten it!

ces said...

Forgot about the goat.

I remember - many many years ago - going to my first state fair when I moved to Oregon. I probably spent more time looking at the goats than anything else there - a coworker of my hubby raised them & was exhibiting them. I never realized there were so many different kinds of goats! And some were BEAUTIFUL.

I wanted one, but we were renting, so I never did get one. Do you think a goat and your dogs would have gotten along?

Eric Braddock said...

so good, all of these are so good, i love seeing stuff like this, thanks for posting

S.M.Vidaurri said...

these were all awesome to watch, and so was the donato one, too bad it was at a mysterious time, luckily i just happened to be walking by.

Irene Gallo said...

Ces - it all works out. Jon gave us his, Shelley Wan got Rick Berry's, Stephan got Greg's. I can't Stephan him it - he was so excited, he was dancing around like aschool girl.

SM - Thanks for stopping by each time. I missed Donato. I was so bummed. I walked up just as it ended.

ces said...

Oh Irene, that's hilarious! I'm to get a haircut & then spend the day at the waterfront. But you have made my day! And it's only 7:42 am.

I'm glad you got a painting. Although you should have found the rapt little girl at the Rick Berry demo & given his painting to her!

Glad you had a good time, in spite of the extremely minor LA earthquake residue you felt.

Lana Gramlich said...

All men again...Unfortunately I'm starting not to be surprised. Does Tor employ any female artists, or do you find that women just don't submit this kind of work?

Irene Gallo said...

It is unfortunately true that we don’t hire as many women as men. While the field is opening up a lot, there just aren’t that many established sf/f illustrators in the book cover market. I once asked a group of artists friends, and we only came up with about 12 “name brand” women. But when you look at the attendance of most sf/f related events, its not surprising.

Outside of sf/f -- while wearing my Forge and Society of Illustrators hats -- the playing field is much more even.

As for the demos, I asked people that were A) going to the SDCC in the first place, and B) not manning their own booth. (Time away from the booth is money lost.) I did make an exception with Martiniere because I wanted to have a digital demo, although that didn’t quite work out -- but the other three were going to the con without a booth.

Julie Bell wasn’t there.
Kinuko Craft is usually at CC, but wasn’t this year.
Rebecca Guay, Terese Nielsen, and Shelley Wan had their own booths.
We’ve been really excited about working with Melaine Delon around here, but she was not there.

Lana Gramlich said...

I guess it makes sense in a way. As a fantasy/sci-fi loving female, it just seems a shame, y'know?

ces said...

Who cares whether the artist is male or female? I don't see "male" or "female" when I look at art - I see art.

Sure, there aren't as many female artists as male artists. But then, there aren't as many non-WASP artists as WASP artists. And there aren't as many juvenile artists as adult artists. And there aren't as many "fill-in" artists as there are "fill-in" artists.

It's the art that's important.

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