Sunday, July 13, 2008

HeckBoy and Other Sightings

For as long as I’ve known Dan Dos Santos, I know he's wanted to do a movie poster. I also know he’s a huge Hellboy fan. You can imagine his excitement when the two came together and he was asked to create a poster for Hellboy 2. Alas, if nothing else, Hollywood is fickle and they didn't run it.. This is very common, actually. The movie industry often commissions many more paintings then they expect tp use in the end. (If only books had that luxury.) But congrats to Dan for a choice commission and job well done.

Art Department commentator Eric Orchard is included in the Totoro Forest Project. Congrats on that. Once again, that is a fantastic collection of work and everyone involved should feel very proud.

Last Man Standing 3, round three is up. The theme this time:Unfair Advantage. I’m a judge throughout the competition and, as usual, there are some heartbreaking decisions. (Seen here, Richard Anderson's entry.)


Eric Orchard said...

Thank you so much, my jaw dropped to see my work here. I feel very honored. And I'm incredibly proud to be a part of this project. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm learning from your blog, it really is one of the best things out there.

Eric Braddock said...

I really hope film production companies come to their senses and realize just how good of a thing illustration for their posters really can be. Hopefully we'll have a rebirth of that in the near future.. in the mean time, it's good to see that it's still being considered :)

Joe Jusko said...

God forbid they should actually use art on a movie poster!!! Man, I am SO tired of seeing Photoshopped head shot composites on posters. I saw a larger image of Dan's piece the other day. It's a gorgeous piece that 20 years ago it would have been EVERYWHERE. What a shame.