Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Diego Comic Con: Arival

After one sleepless night of getting ready, I am now in San Diego, anxiously awaiting ComicCon starting tomorrow. My hotel is just two short block away from the convention center. Yay!Although it has Victorian doll displays that you pass by in the elevator between floors...much more creepy than pretty. I wonder which they where going for.

The convention hall is already busy, with union workers rather than fans. I'm always amazed how quickly the convention takes over the entire city. Every lamp post has SDCC signs, every bus is covered in the year's hot movie posters, I even saw a pedicab with an "Alex Ross At Booth ..." sign.

Tomorrow the action starts -- set-up and opening of preview night.


Corina St. Martin said...

I am so jealous! But, I hope that you have an awesome time, tell everyone hey (well, not everyone, that would be weird and people would then say, why is Irene telling everyone that Corina says hi? Who is Corina? Maybe she's an up and coming artist that Irene is psyched about, hmmm... Okay, use your judgement. LOL)and good luck to the Master Class students who are showing their work. :) By the way, I need some advice about GenCon. What's the best way to reach you? Here's my e-mail: Thanks Irene!


ces said...

I've never really understood people who spend a sleepless night getting ready for a trip the next day - it's not like I didn't know I was going away and on what day. I'm the one everyone hates - packed and ready to go 3 days ahead of time. Of course, I don't work, so that helps! :-)

Enjoy yourself! Be sure you see something of San Diego besides the inside of the convention hall. Coronado is very nice! I always made sure to see at least the tragedies, and maybe the histories too, by Shakespeare at the San Diego Globe Theatre.

Irene Gallo said...

Hi Corina - I've already run no Allen. He had his painting from teh class all framed up and looking just stunning!

I've never gen to GenCon, but email me anytime:

Ces - we always take an extra day after the convention to decompress. Usually it's a trip to the zoo, but we were thinking of Coronado this time. A day to just chill before going back to work is _necessary_!

ces said...

Coronado is wonderful! Be sure to see the Hotel Del Coronado too - it's not cheap, but beautiful.

Taking an extra day to decompress is an excellent idea - I know that besides having fun, you work hard too. I've worked at conventions - how many times can one say "The bathrooms are that way."

ces said...

I just had to blog one more time.

USPS just came - and left me with hardcover editions of all 3 of Daniel Abraham's Long Price Quartet!

Irene, tell Martiniere that he really outdid himself on the Autumn War cover (the red one)!

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