Friday, July 11, 2008

An I Love NY Night

I ran into a band of lightsaber wielding Jedi-Knights-To-Be in Washington Square Park last night. Because no one working at Tor can throw stones at anyone else's geekdom, the only thing to do was hang around around and watch for twenty minutes. How else would you hear conversations like, "So, when a Storm Trooper shoots his blaster at you, you can...."

After that, it was off to CafĂ© Henri -- a whole-in-the-wall crepe place that reminded me my second super power should be “eating anything I want without getting sick or gaining weight.”

On an after-dinner stroll, we ran into a sidewalk astronomer who showed us Jupiter and some of it’s moons. Incredibly cool.

And then it was off to meet Simon Shaw and the Kiwis in the Meat Packing district.....which turns out to be a maze of velvet ropes and Sex in the City Wanna-bes. A little trying but we did manage to score one amazing view of East Manhattan out of it, before settling down at a place we could talk and almost hear each other. Once again, Simon, Jo, Blake, Michelle, Kristin, and Dave were amazing company and will be missed when they leave our hemisphere. Safe travels, guys!


Madeline Carol Matz said...

The bio-pic of your life is going to be amazing.

Irene Gallo said...

Well, you have to remember I’m leaving out all of the posts that could go like:

“Cleaned the cat box today. Yup. And thought about doing laundry....I never actually got around to it, but I thought about it.”

Which is most nights. ;-)

Thomas Nackid said...

Re: the meat packing district, velvet ropes, Sex and the City wannabes et al.

I've hung out with you at cons and in my book one Irene Gallo is worth 100 Carie Bradshaws! ;-)

Eric Braddock said...

fun-filled night, it's stories like these that make me miss living in a city.

and besides, who doesn't love passing by a jedi-wannabe light saber match? ;)