Thursday, July 10, 2008

Totoro Forest Project

I've been hearing (and sometimes seeing) rumblings of this for a while. Now, Julien Alday was kind enough to send me link to the website.

Tortoro Forest Project

Dice Tsutsumi has gathered 200 animators and illustrators to create original works of art to be auctioned in support of Sayama Forest, Hayao Miyazaki's inspiration for Totoro. (And it's a known medical fact that anyone that doesn't love Totoro doesn't have a heart.) The auction will be September 6th. It appears that a book is in the making. Poke through the website – there are so, so, many amazing paintings there. (Memo to self: Must rob bank.)

A huge round of applause to Tsutsumi and everyone involved. This is a top-notch job done on a very special project.


Eugene said...

This is amazing! Thanks for the link!

ces said...

Link? I couldn't find one.

P.S. I have the Cat Bus!

Julien alday said...

Merci beaucoup, Irene. ^^
C'est toi la meilleure ! ;)

Rachel AKA said...

Thanks! Sooo grateful to hear about this! (BTW- Eric Orchard gave the link in the previous post comments).

Kristina said...

I wasn't surprized that Charles Vess is involved with this too:

Man- I wonder if I can find a way to SF for this looks amazing.