Monday, July 21, 2008

The "Other" Site

After 15 hours straight of answering emails and pressing “refresh”, I have made it through day 1 of What this does to The Art Department, I’m not sure. I would like to keep both running without too many posts being a simple redirect, but in the beginning the balance will be a bit off.

So, playing catch up, here are a couple of part related posts over there:

A quick interview with Dice Tsutsumi on the Totoro Project:
"Our first goal for this project was, of course, to raise funds to help save the Sayama Forest, the birthplace of our beloved Totoro. However, this event has had huge symbolic meaning for us as well. It has been thrilling to see so many people come together, united by their admiration for Hayao Miyazaki's work, and to see how much art and artists can contribute to the material improvement of our shared world."

A quick post about a cool online vide game gallery: Into the Pixel

Adam Rex on Frankenstein Takes the Cake

Pablo Defendini promises a series of book cover design critiques.

Soon there will be Dan Dos Santos’ art and sketches for a new Tor cover.

Lastly, wallpapers galore! For one week we are reoffering all of the books and wallpapers given out during our pre-reg promo. If you missed any, you have until next Sunday to grab ‘em.


ces said...

Yes, today was a good day!

Not only is it the second successful day of, but I received some cd's I ordered & had been been somewhat patiently waiting for!

And although is perfect, the cd's aren't. Well, the music is perfect, even though it's all in French (which I knew when I ordered them as the singer is French) but everything else is in French also - the covers, the inserts, even the printing on the cd's. And, yes, they're imports, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Well, so it goes. Is the site going to be updated with what you're doing at ComicCon Irene? And are the demos going to be taped & available?

EL GRANDE said...

Dear God, You’ve got to see this blog.

Joe y Elio

Lana Gramlich said...

Why not just make this blog part of

Irene Gallo said...

Ces: will be heavily covering ComicCon, including some short video of teh demos. I'll also be chiming in both here and there.

Lana: Well, the advantage there is that it’s a much larger population, and it’s people that may not have thought about illustration much — hopefully we can open some eyes.

The advantage here is that it’s 100% illustration friendly. And I get to post pictures of dogs and beaches.

Eventually I’ll find a balance between the two.

Unknown said...

Please don't close the art department! It's a resource on illustration that just doesn't exist anywhere else.

ces said...

And we like pictures of dogs and beaches!

Having your blog here makes it feel like we are talking to Irene, the person, not Irene, the Tor employee.

Anonymous said...

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